Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing

EPDM Rubber RoofIs it time to start thinking about finally fixing that leaky roof?

If your home or business has a flat or low-pitch roof then a rubber roof may be the perfect solution for you. This roofing solution relies on the use of a single rubber membrane, rolled out and attached to the roof with adhesive. A rubber roof is a water-proof, durable, low maintenance solution that is ideal for some home owners or businesses.

Rubber Roofs are Easy to Repair

EPDM roofs, also known as rubber roofs are resistant to scratches and scuffing. Liquid roofing membrane, latex tape or rubber shingles and adhesive will quickly repair any new leaks.

Rubber Roof Maintenance

A properly installed rubber roof will last up to 20 years. New roof installations should take into account seasonal expansion and contraction from weather changes. These seasonal temperature changes will cause expansion and shrinkage in the roofing membrane. This leads to the formation of bubbles between the plywood and the rubber membrane. This will include some separation of the rubber membrane from the roofs corners and joints. Regular roofing maintenance includes patching dry, cracked areas of older roofs and fixing any bubbling that happens.

EPDM roofing uses a rubber membrane made of a mixture of recycled tires, sawdust and slate dust. This kind of roof is great for eliminating roof leaks on flat or low-slope roofs because it is laid down in large continuous sheets with roofing adhesive. This eliminates seams and a possible entryway for rain water.

Experienced Roofers

BFS Construction has over 18 years of experience in all forms of roofing, talk to us today about what roofing solution works best for you.

If you find that your home or business is prone to leaks in your roof, consider a rubber roof as possible solution. Call the professionals at BRS Construction and get started today. If you have any questions about additional rubber roofing options for your home or business, call or email us for a free consultation.

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